Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Long day, yesterday

Four hours at the clinic my mother goes to just to get the results of her tests, which turned out pretty good, overall. I had my laptop so got some writing done on part 2 of the story (now at 38,760) but it was a struggle. Then there was a lot of running around to get food and drop off prescriptions (mom needs a new one for her liver and refills on some asthma meds) and my brother needing things brought to him at work -- and so the evening was spent just reading.

Still...Brendan lead me into a new surprise -- someone close to him betrays him, and thinks he doesn't know it...and he decides to get even. The first indication of an understandable vindictiveness in his character. He's getting to be more fleshed out as a person than I am...which makes me feel real in a weird way.

My reading material had nothing to do with "Place Of Safety." I'm following a series of books about "Mark Julian," a gay vampire detective in NYC. I've read the first two, the second of which was a LOT of fun thanks to an incubus named Jaimie, and number 3's just come out. The writer's name is Kyle Cicero (do you see why I picked it up to read?) and his style is fast and to the point, but this one looks like it might be a bit darker than the first two from what I've read so far, and seems to threaten the end of the world...and in my best "Scoobey gang" I can only cry, "Again?!" (That was a joke for anyone who's a BtVS fan.)

Anyway, I'm using that one to give my brain a rest from POS and come back to it with a fresh eye. Sometimes I can get so wrapped up in working on a story, I lose all perspective and wind up having to make major corrections in continuity and reality, later, that cause me no end of trouble.

Oh, and I worked up a banner for POS.

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