Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hurry up and wait then get it done yesterday

The second section of the SBs have to wait till this afternoon to be discussed after me waiting all day, yesterday. They finally got full approval on the first section of this project being done and are scrambling to get the narrator whose voice they liked to do the narration at a sound studio in San Francisco. Had the organization just okayed everything on Friday, there'd be no problem, but no -- they wait till it's really too late to say okay and leave everyone else fighting to keep everything together. So damned typical.

Same for that packing job. I worked up a quote to pack for 4 - 4 1/2 days and oversee the boxes being shipped off, all within the time-frame they wanted (everything HAS to be gone by January 13th). Now they want it done faster and cheaper and sooner. I figured out how to cut a day off the packing time if the client and his wife help, but I can only get up there one day earlier without the price of the plane ticket doubling. We'll see what he says, but the fact is he's got $600K worth of antiquarian books and he acts like he wants them packed and shipped as if they're paperbacks from Avon Publishing. I won't do it, because if anything goes wrong or gets damaged thanks to his actions, I'll get blamed and I just don't feel like putting myself into that situation.

I went for a nice long walk, last night -- to that post office that's open till 10pm and back. It's interesting to stroll it at night -- with the cars whizzing by, lights blaring, and the sounds of traffic from the adjacent freeways just barely audible in the moments of stillness between vehicles. That long stretch of wilderness to the east of the road is really just a parcel of undeveloped land that's never been cleared, but it served its purpose for me. I cleared my head from the chaos of yesterday and my mother's need to keep interrupting me and chatted with Brendan, a bit. He wanted to start the chapter on the battle of the Bogside, so when I got home I fired up my laptop and got to it. I was able to get over 900 words done before the interruptions began, again -- this time mom "sharing" things with me and telling me "how much she appreciates me" and killing my concentration with so-called kindness. To say anything back at that would be churlish. Oh, well -- it's a start on a new section of the book, and now that I've jumped in I'll just keep treading along behind Brendan.

He did pop up with a surprising resentment of his treatment by a woman he's done repair work for. Every time he brings the item back, she checks to make certain it works before she pays front of him, as if suggesting he'd try and cheat her. And that's when he gets drawn into the confrontation during the Apprentice Boys' March that leads into the rioting and barricades and British troops being brought in to restore order. It's going to be a long section, maybe as long as Burntollett. One positive aspect of taking this packing job is I'd be alone in a hotel room at night so could write to my heart's content.

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