Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Done and gone

All the books is on their way and, sure enough, it was sleeting as we did it. But that is that and tomorrow is heading home time.

I got lazy and, even though the weather cleared up, I stayed in, rested and did some writing. I know I'm near Washington DC -- the center of the universe if you bother to listen to the media, anymore -- and I really ought to have gone to see the glorious sites...but I just plain could not work up the enthusiasm, not after all the craps that's happened in that soul-sucking town.

So I made Bandaids out of toilet paper and scotch tape for my fingers and they worked as well as the real thing, and I wrote 15 pages in RIHC6v2. I have it all plotted out and it gets brutal, but it fits in with Antony's (and my) mental state and the crap that's happened to him (and what I see happening to this country thanks to those fucking ideologues Bush installed on the fucking Supreme Court, and why the hell isn't Roberts being impeached for perjuring himself when testifying before Congress that he'd be fair and balanced in his approach to the law?).

It's interesting -- my books are getting harsh about life while my scripts were growing more gentle. I especially liked the tenderness that came out of "5 DATES". Problem is, I don't know if I'll ever bother to write another script. I've written 30 and am no closer to getting produced now than I was when I did my first one. The awards I've won are nice and they did help my writer's ego strengthen to where I could handle people dissing my work, but it's silly to keep doing something over and over and over (writing screenplays) hoping things will change (meaning one will be produced) when all you get is the same reaction, over and over and over (a big yawn). It's a sign of insanity and while I do cop to being crazy, I'm not completely nuts. Yet.

Besides, I'm having fun writing gay erotica (RIHC6, for instance) and serious novels (POS, even though I did try to push it too hard and it still scares me) and as much as I'd love to get one of my scripts made, these are just as good an outlet for my storytelling and actually seem to be reaching people. So...the fates have spoken and such is life.


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