Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Don't feel good

Mom swept the rug, yesterday...with a broom...even though I've repeatedly told her it stirs up dust and screws with my nose...and now I'm fighting sneezes and a congested chest and can barely talk. So no deep contemplations today.

Instead, I'll chat about the spectacular collapse of Iris Robinson's career and reputation in Northern Ireland. I need something prurient, right now, and does this fit the bill? Yousa!

She and Peter, her husband, are both leaders in the DUP -- a political party that is really just an evangelical religious party, sort of like the Taliban (does that make them Talibangelicals?) -- and until today he was First Minister of the coalition government in Northern Irleland; he had to step down (temporarily, of course) to "sort out things in his family." Iris made a "name" for herself by attacking gay men and women during a debate on how to manage sexual offenders, last year. She was all "the bible says this and they are evil people, but I really love them and want them to turn to heterosexuality." Turns out, she'd been screwing around on her husband for years, was sexually obsessed with a 19 year old cutie who'd just lost his father (the bitch used his grief to get into his pants) and had (maybe illegally) gotten him a loan to start his own business. Now she's under "psychiatric care" and won't we all pray for her quick recovery?

Today's gossip? The kid finally had to fake contracting testicular cancer to get away from her, so she freaked out and demanded he repay the loans she got him, immediately, forcing him to sell a half-interest in his restaurant. Ah, Christians -- I'd love 'em if so many weren't such hateful scum.

So...any bets on how long it'll take this story to become an episode of "Law & Order: SVU"? Think fast, 'cause Dick Wolf works faster. Maybe Anjelica Huston will rape Chris Meloni (she could handle him with one arm tied behind her back) and he'll have to deal with the aftermath of being a victim of sexual assault by an older woman, all mixed in with an Oedipal complex. Ooooh -- I see an Emmy for my man, Chris.

Lightweight over. I've had my fourth cup of herbal tea and throat feels MUCH better. Back to storyboards.

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