Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Regaining control

I told Kasey I'll work on the storyboards for one more week then I'm done. I'm moving to New York in three weeks and have a LOT to do. So today I sent her 30 frames that I'd worked up for the third section (before it was put on hold because the client didn't like the last half of the script) and I pulled together 25 frames for the 4th or 5th or 967th reworking of the middle section. I may send those in, tomorrow, to see how they're coming.

I can't diss Kasey much for this; she's working twice as hard as I am. But I did point out to her that she's lost control of the project to the client. She now has people running things who know nothing about how much work it takes to pull even a 3 minute graphics presentation together and who think it's no big deal to dump on days worth of work and honestly believe it will not cost them anything extra. You wanna know why defense contracts always run over budget? They're done by committees of people who don't know what they want and think along the lines of "wouldn't THIS be cool to add in" and don't believe it'll cost all THAT much to change things in the middle of production -- I mean, will it? Idiots abound.

So all day's been taken up with this and no writing done, yet. I may do a little tonight. RIHC6v2 is getting very dark -- probably channeling my inner fury at the cock-up this storyboarding project has become. Today, as I took a walk to clear my head, I came up with the ending monologue delivered not by Antony but by a man he's been helping, who has a cold brutally-honest view of mankind. The "what's happening today also happened a thousand years ago, but we have better ways to communicate and reveal the evil" kind of thing. And I know what the last chapter is all about.

It's funny -- I've been reading this gay vampire series and you'd think it would be filled with horror and cruelty, but it's been a lark. In fact, I was disappointed that one direction was not taken by the lead, Mark Julian. Instead of surrendering to his true vampire nature after his lover's been brutalized and no longer wants to see him...something he almost does at the end of book 3, thanks to his fury at what's happened...he steps back in the true Hollywood Hero fashion and instead turns into a sloppy drunk. I felt let down. Of course...what does it say about me that I wanted him to commit an unjustifiable murder?

Hmm...guess that's fair warning as to what's about to happen in RIHC6v2.

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