Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

First draft of RIHC6v2 is done

Came in at 255 pages and just under 60K in words. I need to do another draft of it to make sure everything works, but this was the main hurdle. And I'm especially proud of the last line and everything it means. Ah...the relief...the joy...the worry that maybe I've gone too far or totally off the rails. You never know till it's out there. Which hopefully will be soon.

Right now I'm in a Starbucks having a cup of Refresh Tea and a CHOCOLATE brownie. In a little bit I'm heading for an Oscar party. Should be interesting to see how they're put on in upstate New York.

For the first time, I haven't seen ANY of the films nominated. Not a one -- well, AVATAR, which I despised so much I have a hard time counting it. Yes it's a technical marvel, but the storyline is insulting and I give one big YAWN as regards anything else. During my time in SA, I didn't go to a theater but that one time, and it was so distressing, I haven't been back. One point -- part of the previews was a music video of Kid Rock singing about how great the troops are, which had something to do with the National Guard or Reserves, if I remember right; and while I have no problem with people supporting our soldiers, I think it would mean more if they were paid a living wage and didn't have their benefits being cut left and right by these same rah-rah types who don't want to pay their share of taxes.

So I'm going in blind. I have my sentimental favorites which have nothing to do with the actual films. I'd like George Clooney and Helen Mirren to win. Same for Christopher Plummer. Kathryn Bigelow is a kick-ass director so I'd like her to get it, but I've heard from too many soldiers how absolutely WRONG "The Hurt Locker"'s depiction of bomb disposal units is to want it to be best picture. I think "Up In The Air" would be a better choice, considering its focus on downsizing and joblessness.

So the hell with it. I'll just kick back, have a Peroni and enjoy the spectacle.

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