Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Odd little occurence going on

A little challenge I joined up with nearly a year ago, where I wrote a one-act play to go along with some short stories and scripts about a pair of adventurers seeking to recover some stolen jewelry, has become very complicated. For a while, it was part of a competition where people chose one of the stories and made a short film out of it, but that went nowhere because the guys sponsoring it were rank amateurs. Now the stories have been made over into screenplay vignettes, with someone else having rewritten my play into screenplay format. I read the first one and nothing was changed except the format...but now another guy who wanted bigger changes in the play when I first submitted it (and whose ideas I mainly blew off because they were silly) has done another rewrite and I'd like to read it but they won't send it to me. I still have all rights to the play, but it seems this new deal is based on what I agreed to when I said they could use the play for the competition to make a movie. Not cool.

Doesn't help that I'm not really impressed with anyone else's writing abilities. They all have this "steal from movies I've seen" thing going on with their characters being characters who are faux cool, while mine was deliberately not like that. I sort of made fun of it all. Looks like I'll have to be rude and demand a review of the new rewrite, or I'm taking my toys and going home. It's childish, but sometimes that's all people listen to.

I printed up RIHC6v2, last night, using up the last of a tub of ink in my HP printer. Even before I started, it was telling me I needed to replace the ink cartridge, so I printed 10 pages at a time, keeping an eye on it and thinking it should run out after about 40 or 50 (I've been through this before with this printer); I wound up printing 200 pages. Man, If anyone does what HP's printers tell them to do with their ink, they're wasting money and resources. That company is a scam...and now the woman who made it into a scam -- Carly Fiorina -- is running for Senator on the GOP ticket (big surprise), hoping to replace Barbara Boxer, someone who's actually done a damned good job as the Senator from California (Diane Feinstein...she's too willing to deal with the scum in the Senate).

Next time I buy a printer, I'm getting an Epson.

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Brad Rushing said...

I have always used Epsons and I have never been disappointed.