Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Man...New York Ain't Cheap

I just found out my auto insurance is more than doubling in cost...and that's with me lowering my benefits. Plus I've already been warned that when my health insurance is shifted to a NY policy, it'll go up...and it ain't cheap now. Looks like my plan to pay down my credit card is out the window. I'll be lucky if I keep pace with it. eating out this month, that's fer dang sure.

Aw, what he hell -- I've never been good with money. Got no head for it, at all. That I was able to live for more than two and a half years on my severance pay, limited unemployment and the occasional writing, storyboarding & packing jobs I scrounged up still amazes me, especially since a year and a half of that was in LA, not exactly a cheap city, either. But what did I achieve with it? I wrote some scripts then workshopped a couple of them into top shape while contacting hundreds of people about buying or producing them...and got zero interest. And that's with me even hiring a career consultant for 10 weeks. Of course, I picked the worst possible time to try this -- just as the economy was collapsing and nobody was doing anything. Hell, friends of mine who have major credits were having trouble getting work.

Of course, I did get all my books published during that period. HTRASG came out in November 2007, five months into my "bold new direction in life." And when I moved to Texas to help with my mother, I aligned myself with the publisher of my books and worked up a magazine to help promote his company as well as edited new works and brought in some new writers. (And if he could pay me what he owes me, I'd be in decent shape, financially...but he got hit by the Great Recession, too.)

So...even when I try to change my life, it stays the same. And that's typical of me. My timing's off or I choose the wrong direction to go and don't realize it till it's too late for me to double back. I hope moving to New York isn't going to be one of those mistakes.

Okay, I think I've whined my way out of being depressed about the insurance and can now get back to BC3. I feel like I have a pot of stew brewing here, with most of the ingredients mixed together but some still needed to make it savory and give it bulk. Pavel joining the story added some interesting spices...but he also needs some research done on his background before I can blend them in; I don't know the correct portions, yet. It's like trying to decide, Do I want to make this a beef stew? Lamb stew? Vegetarian? Irish? Curry? Dammit, they all sound good, right now.

Hmm...what've I got in the fridge?

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