Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm a travelin' man.....

Hopping down to Annapolis, MD, driving a car one way to JFK to drop off (after I drop off a shipment) then packing another shipment and then staying an extra day to see some friends who'll be in NYC before I fly home on Saturday. I got a feeling by the 15th I'll be dog tired. And then I'm headed for San Antonio on the 25th for 6 days. Then it's back to Buffalo to prep for the Bologna, Seattle, Toronto and Boston Book Fairs, which take place over the space of of 6 weeks. Hong Kong isn't until the beginning of December, then it's quiet until February...unless there are some more packing jobs. I'm still trying to get one in LA set up but the people on the receiving end are being difficult, at best, so it may not happen.

I worked more on my article and found some things that needed changing. Now it's burned to a CD and I've got hard copies printed out, and I'll send them a copy of the article in an e-mail...and we'll see what happens. It'd be interesting to be published in a scholarly journal. But you never know -- they may laugh me off the face of the earth.

POS is getting close to boiling, again. It's been on simmer for the last few days, but it's about cooked and I need to just dive in and see what happens. Once this section is done, I'm heading back to the first section, in Derry before Brendan goes to Houston. This is how it looked about 1980, when the city had begun to rebuild itself.It still looks a bit like this...just with about double the number of skyscrapers.

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