Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Easy does it

I jumped up to 192 solid pages on BC-3 because I had this section pretty much set, already...though I did shift one chapter up and now it works the flow continues. Gentle and as mean as the Mississippi. Allen's revealed more about himself in ways he hadn't intended. I have one more chapter to write and probably three more to clean up and then that'll be it -- I'll have my first draft done. Then I get to print it out and initiate editor mode.

It's warm tonight. Has been a bit weirdly warmer the last couple of days. Everyone's telling me how unusual this summer has been for Buffalo. I'm beginning to feel responsible, because this is how Texas is, weather-wise -- warm during the latter part of the day up into the evening. Oh, helped for the bit where Eric goes to Dallas.

I got the paperwork I need to get a New York Driver's License, but I'm a bit reticent. Do I really want to commit to the state in that way? What if this racist running for governor gets elected? Carl Palladino, who e-mailed a picture of a C-130 landing in the desert as a number of black men scurried to get away from the dust it was churning up and which had the message, "Run, N****R, Run" with it. And also a photo of Obama done up as a 1970's pimp with his wife as his hooker. Crap like that. Yet he's running close behind Andrew Cuomo.

It's diseased how so much of this country is supporting people who will do their best to destroy it. Many of them want to cut Social Security out, completely. Rescind the health care bill. Cut taxes for the rich bastards who wrecked the economy. Increase military spending. End a woman's right to choose. Kill faggots. And it's the very people who're getting hurt the most by the policies of the GOP that most ardently support it. I just don't get it.

I guess I'll become a full-fledged New Yorker and vote against the bigot, but I really wish I had something to vote FOR, for a change. It's disgraceful that the Dems ain't offering that.


MJJM said...

All that's fine, but how do you rectify being a gay male and actually linking to the notoriously anti-Irish Towleroad or having anything at all to do with the gay-hating ghetto-gay of NYC ? I'm not trying to start a fight here, I really want to know? (Are you a Protestant ?)

JamTheCat said...

I don't understand where you're coming from on this. I've never noticed Towleroad being anti-Irish, just anti-bigot. Give examples, please.

And what exactly IS a "gay-hating ghetto-gay of NYC?" I've only recently moved to the state (not NYC, FYI) so don't know all the terminology, yet.

As for the last question -- I'm both Catholic AND Protestant in background but follow neither faith because both have been hijacked by reactionary anti-Christians.

Joey said...

If you don't think Towleroad or the (Protestant, not-from-New York) Andrew Towle despises Irish and Irish-Americans as much as anyone in the NYC gay ghetto you haven't been on there much. But, I apologize, because if you honestly were totally unaware of that I can't call you self-hating.

Joey said...

(I'm switching to my main screen name here). These comments with this article are a perfect example. I can keep giving them. Needless to say, Towle totally dropped the story when Finnerty turned out innocent of both gay-bashing and rape. Totally hid from it. No updates.

JamTheCat said...

Joey, I'm at a loss to understand why the story you linked to is considered anti-Irish. Is it just because the kid accused has an Irish last name? So do I, but half of me is Norwegian; if anybody said the things about me that they said about him, I wouldn't think it's 'cause I'm Irish...I'd think it's 'cause I'm white or queer, first. And there's nothing unusual about the media, politicians and system of justice just dropping a case and refusing to acknowledge their beliefs were wrong. It's not right that they do that, and it doesn't excuse Towleroad from not doing it, but it hardly justifies singling them out for the behavior or suggesting because of it they're anti-Irish.

Look at the rape case against the Duke Lacrosse players. I remember that and think a number of black leaders behaved just as disgracefully as the rest of the system. I have yet to hear of an apology from Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton for the things they said about the kids accused of rape once it turned out the charges weren't even the least bit credible. They damaged those boys' lives solely because they were white, and that's just as wrong as doing it solely because someone's black or brown.

What I do find offensive in your comments is your consistent reference to the "New York gay ghetto." That phrase is obviously a put-down of faggots, Joey, and I'm one of them, even if I don't live in NYC. So what's the deal, here? Are you gay? Or just a wannabe?