Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Seeing old friends who are new

Wandering through the California Book Fair I ran into people I'd known or worked with when I was at Heritage Book Shop, and none of them looked any different from when I'd last seen them, two or three years back.  Dunno why I'd expect that they would.  Guess it's because I'm feeling so different.

Anyway, one just had a new baby and she still looks slim.  Another one's in the process of moving to Portland, OR and still has the exact same hair and clothes he's had since I met him six years ago.  Another left a steady job in Delaware to be with his girlfriend in LA and work at slave wages.  But the best was seeing this one guy I'd been crushing on at HBS...and is still crushworthy, to the extreme, because he's just as fit and trim and properly hairy as he always was.  And just as difficult to talk to.

I worked fairly steadily at the fair packing books for dealers and clients to ship but still managed to do a little work on LD.  Going through each chapter over and over and over is helping clarify the story and also makes certain I catch more of my typos and missing words.  I think the opening three chapters are a lot more involving, now...but I won't know till I get feedback on them.

I like the direction Daniel's taking -- having more spunk and attitude to give the reader an idea of where Ace sprung from.  I guess just keeping at it, polishing and honing and digging in deeper is my method of writing.

Jeez...if that's the case, I'll be working on POS till Im 90.

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