Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

All the way, today

I finally made it through this draft.  258 pages; 54, 915 words.  And Ace's voice still sort of vanishes in the last two chapters.  I'll go back through it a few times and bring him back to life in that area, then print up a hard copy and make corrections for typos and missing words on there (I'm really bad about that) then input them and that will be that.

For now.  Knowing me.  Because I have 12 days left before my deadline and I'll probably use every damn one of them up.  Just to make sure I've got it as good as I can get it.

Not that I'm obsessive or compulsive or anything like that.

I'm getting the itch to do some sketching, again.  The last piece of work I did was of Dave Mason, the guy behind Slick-It-Up wear.  That was a face.  I want to do a figure now.  Just need to find the right model.  All the way through school and for the first five years after I graduate, I was an artist.  For a while it even looked like I'd wind up doing graphic novels.  Like this --

This is from "Kazn", a script I wrote about a young Russian soldier who sneaks into America to exact revenge on the man responsible for the murder of his wife and parents.

This is midway through the opening sequence that sets the stage...done as he heads away from a ship, past rows of containers sitting on Long Beach harbor, memories flooding his mind.

I wrote it with minimal dialog and feel the script is just right -- but it's very non-linear and difficult to follow unless you can picture it as you go.  Which is why I think it would work perfectly as s graphic novel.

I could be wrong...but I doubt it.

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