Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Eat, Drink, Laze like a worn out kitty

That was my evening.  After dealing with book people who cannot be bothered to pay attention to reality, all day, my brain was naturally I went to the Apple store for a meeting with the Genius Bar and had to be coherent enough to explain why my laptop is not happy.  It doesn't like releasing USB drives, half the time...and it actually did its little "MINE AND NOT GONNA LET IT GO" schtick while I was there.  Very cool.  Unfortunately, the best they could offer was, "Archive stuff, and if that doesn't work, do a fresh install."

My laptop's 3 years old and, apparently, that's the usual age where they start getting fussy.  Especially since I've had it in and out of airports so much, lately.  I guess I'll see what I can do...and see if I can figure out how to archive stuff.  All the "help" button tells me is to compress files into zip formats.  I ain't got that many files on there.

So I had the Avocado Rolls and a Kirin at a Cheesecake Factory in that mall, and that's where the lazy comes from.

I got more good notes on LD and had some flash ideas that I was smart enough to write down when I got them.  By the time I'm done with this book, it'll read like a movie.

A friend of mine asked me what I'd do if someone wanted to buy the movie rights to one of my books.  Well...I can't see that happening for HTRASG, PM or RIHC6...but BC and LD are possibles.  And it got me to wondering.  I mean, my background is screenwriting...but I don't write scripts anyone wants.  Even the producers and directors who liked my work didn't believe in it enough to get it made...and I'm finding that's what makes movies like mine get completed -- someone who believes in the project so strongly they won't take "No" for an answer.

Of course, I'm no better.  Fact is, I didn't really believe in my work until 5 years ago, and I never have had enough confidence in myself to push the idea that my script and project is better than anyone else's.  So maybe I was fated not to achieve anything that way.

But if someone wanted to take my book and have their own personal "Cheeto-eater" redo it (that reference makes sense in relation to "The Lyons' Den") I don't know.  I'd have the book, now, so my story would have been told the way I wanted I might just take the money and run.  But then again...I've seen what idiots do to great material ("Last Time I Committed Suicide" and "Borstal Boy" instantly come to mind) and I don't want BC or POS treated that way.  So I might also vet the interested party and make sure they can do what they say they can.  And if not, just say no.

Truth is, I won't know till it happens.  If.

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