Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Not impossible, yet

Going over the figures on what I'd need to spend 3 weeks in Derry researching "Place of Safety" showed me it's just about possible for me to cover a month's normal expenses and the cost of the trip.  Of course, that's if everything goes just right...which with my luck is no guarantee.  I'm more certain I could cover a week there but I haven't backed down from the full time I want, yet.  I need to do more research.

What I've already done is tell the people I work for I'm taking August off, through Labor Day.  They seemed relieved.  It's still possible a packing job will come up in August...but if it does, I'll work around it.  And I may well just not bother letting them know it did.  It's an installation job, really, which requires nothing in the way of shipping.  I just go there and take the books off shelves and move them to a new place and put them back in the exact same order.  I could easily handle it on my we'll see how it goes.  The guy may not want to do it once he sees the estimate I work up.

That's the shitty part of contract labor -- you don't work, you don't get paid.  On top of paying self-employment tax and not getting paid holidays or vacations.  When I was at Heritage, I had seniority enough to get 4 weeks paid vacation a year.  I liked it.  I miss that.  But then, Ben and Lou were very generous with their people if they felt they were doing a good job.  It never ceased to amaze me just how ungrateful most of the crew there was.

Don't get me wrong -- this job has its pluses.  I get to travel a fair amount and things are fairly flexible.  And the people I work with aren't obnoxious or cruel.  I just wish I could get ahead, and what I'm being paid here just won't do it.  Maybe once I'm done paying back the money I borrowed from my mother I'll be better off.

As for now...if I don't work it out to where I can do the trip to Derry, I'll spend August writing the first draft of POS and at least get that done.  Then I'll start saving for a trip there in December.  Not my first choice but not a horrible option.

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