Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Why don't people read?

I went in to work late because of certain meetings taking place, and wound up working till nearly 7pm because booksellers seem unwilling to read instructions on what to do when they're exporting books from the UK to the US.  And I'll be in probably for another 6-8 hours, tomorrow.  So much for time off.

Positive thing is, LD is coming along.  I have through page 163 edited and corrected, and I've added more than I thought I could, mainly while clarifying interactions between Daniel and Ace.  Got a hundred pages left to do.

You know, I'd forgotten about this...but Joseph McCarthy was a senator from Wisconsin when he did his dirty stuff in Washington.  And he went pretty extreme in it, too.  Now the Wisconsin GOP has gone off the deep end, just like he did, and you'd think that would make a real splash across the nation...but so far the "liberal media" have pretty much ignored it.

A Wisconsin college professor wrote an op-ed piece for the NY Times about how Democrats and Republicans used to work together for the common good in that state.  He pointed out how Wisconsin became a leader in modern societal interactions -- being the first state to start unemployment insurance and worker's compensation as well as collective bargaining.  So the GOP in Wisconsin has demanded he turn over all his e-mails, using the FOIA as their method, even though by demanding this they may be violating the privacy laws concerning students.

They've ALSO ignored a court order blocking implementation of their anti-union bill and are acting as if it's now law, even though there are several court challenges to it.  Talk about a coup.  It's like Wisconsin went from being a democracy to being Libya or Syria overnight.  I wonder if enough of the citizens care enough to put a stop to it?  Or maybe people just figure, even if they DO recall those 8 Republican state senators, the GOP will just ignore it or go find a judge who'll back them up and let them pass more laws to solidify their control over the state's politics.

So...this is America today.  One party's made up of spineless wonders while the other has made ignorance, insanity and being an asshole ass-kisser requirements for office.  Makes you SO proud, don't it?

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