Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Selling like hotcakes...sort of

I just checked the sales figures on my books (according to Amazon's tracking system, which supposedly includes B&N and Borders) and in March I sold 31 copies, just in paperback.  Six of them are HTRASG, bouncing it back up to the top 5 of the publisher's bestsellers (right now I'm at #4 but I was #2 for a week).  RIHC6v1 is also selling steadily, and PM and BCv1 have begun to sell, as well.

I don't get specific figures on the Kindle sales, just a graph that shows them all staying in the top 20% of overall sales...and that does not include Nook or any other electronic edition of the book.  Too bad this doesn't translate into actual money; I could use it, right now since my taxes wiped me out.  And I wish I could trust the figures I get from the publisher, but I'm at the point where if he tells me the sky is blue and grass is green, I'll think he's lying.

As for the IRS, I'm 95% sure I'll get audited, because H&R Block REALLY did not make me comfortable with their incompetence.  But it's too late to get them redone by a real CPA and besides, I couldn't afford to pay someone else to do it.  I'm still in the mindset of having withholding done on a paycheck, and I've never paid estimated taxes through the year.  And I am not at ALL used to paying so damn much in self-employment I got hit good.  Yet billionaires get tax breaks out the wazoo from the scum in Washington.  I'm thinking more and more along the lines of pitchforks and torches and guillotines, with Donald Trump and the Koch brothers first in line.

I'm rather enjoying the spectacle of Paul Ryan being raked over the coals thanks to his ludicrous budget proposal.  Even The Heritage Foundation's been stung by his stupidity...and that is SUCH a good thing, because they love to make up their own figures.  Problem is, this fiasco hasn't changed anyone's mindset, at all.  The GOP still thinks they can cut taxes by a couple trillion bucks and it will all magically even out once they cut the waste in government spending.  That was shown to be nonsense back as far as Ronnie Ray-gun, who tripled our debt using that very same math.  But nobody on the right seems to give a damn.

It used to be that Americans knew the best way to take care of themselves was to take care of those around them.  Businesses gave people long-term jobs and in exchange got experienced employees who stayed with them throughout their working lives.  Even Henry Ford, who was rabidly anti-union, knew that if he wanted his workers to be able to buy his cars, he had to pay them a decent wage.  We don't have that in business, anymore.  Not since the likes of Carl Icahn became heroes for slashing jobs and decimating unions and raiding pensions all to enrich themselves.  We may HAVE to have a full-fledged depression that wipes out the fortunes of scum like the Kochs and the Trumps and the Chiafes before we can return to some semblance of honest Capitalism, again, instead of this robber baron crap.

End of soapbox.  Time for tea...and working on LD.

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