Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger's back and Kyle's happy.

Seems their system weirded out, crashed and dropped everyone's last few posts, including one of mine.  But the one they dropped is back, now, so I can't complain.  Sites like Hullabaloo and Echinde lost a lot and are still trying to reconstruct everything.

The fact is, I'd have nothing to beef about, anyway.  I don't pay anything for Blogger; I just let them run ads on my page and in exchange they let me rant and post photos and videos and link to other sites I like and stuff.  But it has got me wondering if I should set up something with a host of my own.  See if I can work it off my website since it's not getting any other use and I have paid for that.  Something to consider.

So the last couple days have been spent researching Houston in the 70s and Derry in Spring 1981 and trying to figure out exactly what the hell it is I'm doing with the story at these points.  Everything's still a major jumble, even with the basic outline I'm building.  I know vaguely what I'm aiming for but I'm not sure I can achieve it doing what I'm doing.  Which means the first draft is going to be little more than a trial run of the conglomeration of discordant actions I'm assembling.

I'm still getting notes on LD from people I asked to give me feedback, and they're coming up with nice details and ideas that I didn't think of.  So even though I've done this massive rewrite of the story, I've got new things to add once I hear back from the publishers I've sent it to.  Thing is, that one took so much work and concentration, and it's only a fourth the size and a tenth the depth of POS, I'm back to being nearly overwhelmed by the task ahead of me.  But I'll just keep going.

Hope the world doesn't end before I'm done.

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