Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Brain block

I worked late today and I'm on my own all next week, so no telling what's going to happen.  I've already got two problem shipments driving me nuts so I guess I'll do my best to keep from letting them crash and burn.

Problem is, I can't think, right now.  I got the perfect images for "Hunter" but I'm in a serious phase of dyslexia and have to keep going back and correcting typos because I'll hit the wrong damn key...and it's all because I had boiled eggs and powdered potatoes with gravy for dinner.  I know it.  Too many carbs and too much cholesterol and not enough awareness of reality...and for some reason I feel stoned even though I don't.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm..what can this mean?  Is it post-patrum concussion?  I start giving birth to a new story and it's now messing with my hormones...or testosterone...or LDL or Triglycerides or something.  I wouldn't mind it if I'd actually had something to drink.

Oh...maybe it's Patsy withdrawal.  I do need a nice big glass of Cabernet.

Of course, it could just be a brain tumor or a stroke or something mundane like that.  Who knows?  I have too much going on to be so full of nothing going on.

Okay...I've stopped making sense.  Time to put down the typewriter, take a nice, long, hot shower and kick back.

Oh, fuck -- there goes the fucking fire alarm!


Writer said...

mmmm...gravy.... :)

JamTheCat said...

A bit on the salty side but a rich and creamy brown. I think that's why one character who just popped up in the story may have wound up being black. And I'm still being weird.