Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

April 2012

That's when "The Lyons' Den" is set to be released. Only 7 months away...or 6, depending on when it's done during the month. And now I'm at loose ends, trying to figure out what to do next. I want to start on POS, but I'm not really ready to hunker down and focus on it for the next several weeks...or months, depending. It'll take a lot out of me, I already have found, and I need to build myself up again after all I did with LD.  Yes, LD's a farce, but there are some solidly dramatic bits in it that cut close to the bone...not all of them from my own experience; some happened in different ways with different people and got reworked to better fit the moment, but they were still hard to deal with, in a way. I just hope the mixture of drama and humor works. I guess now I'll be finding out.

Took a nice-sized walk, today, to clear out some cobwebs, then printed up some photos for my aunt down near Scranton. I'm going to see her, next week, just for the day. I don't want to stay the night so I've worked it out to where I can't. I prefer to spend as little time there as possible, due to a brutal past experiencewith that branch of the family. Oh, it wasn't my aunt who was the problem (I don't think), it was some of my cousins; but it's also something I prefer not to detail at this time. So I flat out would rather see just my aunt, but I have a nasty feeling that's not going to happen. We'll see how it goes. The good thing is, it's a 5 hour drive so I can't stay past 8 if I want to make it back to Buffalo at a decent hour.

I've noticed an interesting phenomena concerning Irene's trek up the coast. There are a number of right-wing-freaks who a) think the hurricane is merely being hyped up by the media (as of this writing, 9 people are dead and the damage is in the billions) and b) don't want FEMA to help in the aftermath. That slimeball, Eric Cantor, actually said there shouldn't be any assistance without some more budget cuts while Ron Paul wants to kill FEMA and put us back to 1900, when a hurricane all but wiped out Galveston and killed 6-10,000 people; he thinks things worked better then. That's diseased.

But it's not just them. I follow a news-blog called Irish Central where one of their commentators actually said the media would be unhappy if Irene proved to be nothing but hype...and a number of his commenters not only agreed, but said it's proof there is no global warming. Uh -- WHAT?!  I can't even wrap my head around these people's ideas and opinions. So I got nasty and called the commentator inhuman and his acolytes fools.

I have to wonder, though -- has it actually reached that point in the US, where people who really should know better are so lost in their "No way in hell for you" ideology that they can't see how evil they've become? How hypocritical? How just plain stupid and anti-American? Y'know, when Kay Bailey Hutchinson was running for Governor of Texas against Dick Perry in 2008, her people ran a focus group of Texans to see if they could get traction off the fact that Perry had an innocent man executed for political gain. The general response was not revulsion at the state's murder of someone who'd committed no crime (as has been proven); it was, "It takes balls to execute an innocent man!" She dropped out of the race soon after, and Perry won an unprecedented third term as governor...and he's considered a "Christian" leader. Jesus.

That's why I've left Texas, hopefully forever. I got my NY Driver's License today so I'm officially no longer part of that state...except I need to get my car's registration transfered. But I need my title for that and I have yet to find it. I'll have to write to Texas to get it. God...another part of my life I do not look forward to.

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