Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Burger King Crowned Me

I stopped at one along the 17 to have lunch...and got sick as a dog. Not something you want happening while driving through an isolated part of the state en route home. I spent an hour at a Sunoco 60 miles down the road giving Imodium AD time to kick in. Now I feel wasted and still a bit nauseous, but a lot better overall.

Thing is, I haven't eaten much of anything since, so I also have a hunger headache. I'm doing crackers and milk, right now, which isn't the best thing in the world to be feeding on but nothing else is the least bit appetizing. Dunno what was in that burger or what those fries were cooked in, but I ain't goin' to another BK for a long, LONG time.

This is what I get for taking the scenic route home, heading up the Hudson on the 6 and crossing at Bear Mountain Bridge, by Fort Montgomery. More Revolutionary War history, here, and I was a lot closer to West Point than I realized.

When I hit Syracuse, I was feeling good enough to check out something I'd written in "Mine To Kill" and found it didn't work, at all. This is the screenplay about a woman who tries to bring her husband back from the dead and an ER Intern whom she holds responsible for the man's death. It's set in Syracuse at the teaching hospital and I had her living on the lakefront near Oswego, about 30 miles north of town. But that's just not how things work in that area. So I need to reconfigure.

I must say, while the Chrysler 200 did good on gas, it's not the most comfortable of cars. The seats are hard and low, and it feels very cramped, inside. It wasn't a bad car; it's just...not something I'd buy. My little Civic is also low and it's just a coupe, but I can get in and out of it fairly easily and its interior feels spacious.

I'll probably drive that car till it falls apart.

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