Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, August 17, 2012

More Niagara River and Town

Out of the dozens of photos I snapped, yesterday, I found more that show how fast the Niagara River is flowing, like this one across from Goat Island...
 ...and this one, both taken within a couple thousand feet of the Falls. It's easy to see how, if someone fell in, they'd be gone before they even knew it.
You can see the rocks at the bottom of the US falls; that's what kills people. It seems like the Canadian falls don't have as many rocks at their base...but they also have more mist rising over them so maybe they just aren't as visible.
The Canadian side is pretty cheesy and touristy, but in a goofy way. I still like how T-Rex, who stands guard over a put-put golf course, seems to be menacing the ferris wheel.

Behind it is a volcano that spits fire every now and then. I never could time it to where I could catch the flames. It'd belch, I'd click, but it'd be an instant too late.

This time I parked my car about a mile down a park from the bridge to the Canadian side. It was free so long as I left by dusk...which I did. And the walk did me good after that mediocre steak.

Next time, I'm going to Ruby Tuesday's. It's right on this strip of wacky amusement-park like business -- the horror house and Frank Toussad's or something like that and games parlors -- but I've had decent food there and for half the price. Plus they have a window space where I can sit and watch the crazy people going by.

I just realized...THIS is what I'd expected Coney Island to be like. That it wasn't even up to this level of wacky was a disappointment.

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