Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, September 14, 2012


I finished a step outline for "The Alice '65" today. Thirty four beats or moments linked together in a somewhat straight line, letting both Adam and Casey evolve in their own ways.
 Looks like I'm locked into Russell Tovey as Adam, especially because of his ears and slightly freaked-out expression. He's played a werewolf on "Being Human", so I figure he can handle a manuscript researcher who's in way over his head with a Hollywood Actress...and I do mean that in caps.

I finally found Casey -- Eliza Dushku. She played Faith on "Buffy..." and came damn close to stealing the whole show from Sarah Michelle Gellar. Favorite line of hers from that show? "I've had my share of losers, but, you - you boinked the undead." Directed at Buffy.

And Ryan Kwanten would be fun as Lando. He's pretty and full of himself and built like a brick shithouse, to use an old Texas phrase. I could see him owning a black panther in Beverly Hills, and finding out who he needed to schmooze to get a permit for it.

And we can't forget Gertrude, the black panther (which according to my research is nonexistent; they're really melanistic Jaguars, leopards, or cougars...but none of that sounds fun). She's got an emotional stake in the story, too.

Interesting that I've chosen actors from shows that all have (or had) werewolves in them. Wonder what that means...?

Damn, I'm having fun.

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