Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Momentary void...

I was working on the confrontation in the kitchen between Adam and Lando and got stopped cold. Something about it wasn't right and I wasn't able to figure out what. Doesn't help that I'm on Zyrtek and it makes me dozy and a bit dizzy-headed. So I make some tea and a peanut butter and banana sandwich and by the time I was done, I'd figured it out. I had it angry instead of honest, and Adam was being a wimp.

I like him being polite and caring, but he can't be weak or stupid, and that's how he was coming across. So I let him bite back, a little, better setting up the bit where he sneaks into the back yard and meets Gertrude. This also adds to his sense of betrayal, as he leaves the house. And I clarified Casey's reason for dragging him to the party, which makes them getting closer work a lot better.

I nearly got myself into a logical corner. I wanted to bring Brenda, Tommy's assistant, in to keep them in the audience's mind...but I put her in the party at Lando's, like she'd followed Adam and Casey. It was fun with her spying on them...but then I realized -- if she's there, that skews the second half of the movie. So I had to take her out.

Even so, I'm still up to page 69...and played out. Allergies and sneezing made me take Zyrtek, and now I can't stay awake.

Whenever they call it non-drowsy...they're liars.

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