Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Playing catch up

A65 has begun to rumble in my brain. It wants to get its changes down and ready to be honed into something sharp. Adam's already shouting in my ear about where he wants to go, and now Casey's begun her song, as has Lando. She's come up with a way to make the ending even wilder than it already is, with a kick at the end of it, and he wants to mess with Adam more.

I'm not done with "The Vanishing of Owen Taylor" yet, but it'll have to wait.

So will "The Alice '65" for a bit longer. I've got too much to catch up on here -- paying bills, getting groceries, digging through my mail, and don't get me started on paperwork...I had nothing but that all day long.

But...reading this book on writing comedy has both given me interesting ideas and helped to reaffirm my belief in my writing ability. I have about 75% of what they say you need in a comedy already part of A65. My main problem is, I go on too long with too much of it. So I'm sending out a message to all my characters -- this script is going to be 100 pages. Period. That will also help me keep my focus on what's needed and find ways to say more with less.

BTW, here's an idea of what I left a week ago last Saturday. This is the street leading up to where I work. What's funny is, I like it. Most of the snow is gone, now, and the streets are things were back to commonplace. But when it began to snow en route home, this evening, sudden shifts in the breeze would make the flakes dance around the asphalt like grains of sand swirling over a beach, catching the beams of my headlights and seeming to come alive. It was so beautiful, I actually drove a bit slower just to watch the display.

Of course, it was 20 degrees, too, and the wind sliced into you, but still...magic comes from places least expected.

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