Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Possible writing job maybe someday perhaps...

I know if you don't put yourself out there and take the meeting, you'll ever get anywhere in the film biz, but I do wish I didn't keep running into people who're all about the "It's any day now" kind of stuff. Any day now could mean five years in the future, and I can't wait that long. I've got too many other things to do.

Still, I've met with a total of 4 producers, and only got dissed on two other I guess that's good for what's really just 3 days of trying.

I did get asked to be more specific about my plans to move back to LA by a couple of people, and the truth is, I haven't gotten that far. I do have half a dozen story ideas for low-no-budget horror scripts -- 1-2 locations, under 10 characters, minimal special effects, possible franchising -- but I haven't written them, yet. I don't even know if the ideas'd fly.

I guess I should hunker down, work up synopses and outlines for them, see if I can get any interest in any of them first, then do the writing. But...that seems back-assed-wards to me. Something to think about once I'm back to Buffalo.

I'm also going to stop waiting for people. It's finally sunk in that many of the people I've affiliated myself with will do absolutely nothing for me. It's not malicious indifference on their parts; they all have lives they have to keep up with, as do I. And I've been incredibly lazy in my own right. what? Now comes Seattle and a job I'm better prepared for...I think. And time to contemplate my future and what directions need to be taken. I don't know anybody up there, so I'll have my evenings free to do that.

Let' see how much procrastinating I can do.

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