Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

It's war...

Wow...what a fun day. Carli's out to take the story over and run with it. She's revealed she was a non-com in the Army and has been to Afghanistan, so she knows how to fight. Use a gun. Use a knife. Plot strategy. And detach herself, emotionally, from her enemy and his well-being. She's got a goal, and she's gonna get there, even if it means using Zeke.

At the same time, Zeke is pushing back. Not so much fighting as being insanely Zen. He's been in prison. He knows what hate and anger can do. He's done it. He's become a rock against Carli's hard place (and I may use that phrase with ALL its sexual innuendo in the story). He's become the antagonist, but for good, because he knows Carli's quest will destroy her...and he will do anything to prevent that.

Suddenly I have no idea how to dramatize this. How to write it. Not as a script. I might be able to as a book...but that's not what I set out to do. I wanted to write something fast and cheesy I could sell to Troma or some other straight-to-video company, who could then do what they wanted with long as they paid me in cash. That idea is now in the toilet.

I spent all day trying to sort it out in my brain, and did all sorts of crap to keep from getting freaky over it. Made potato pancakes for brunch (using a recipe I heard on NPR, once) then cooked a tuna casserole. I defrosted and cleaned my fridge. Tried to watch "How Green Was My Valley" but just couldn't handle the sweetness and decency of it. Wrote down notes Carli shoved in my mind. Posted reviews of three of my books on their FaceBook pages. Anything but seriously focus on the script...because I'm lost with it.

Should I start a different horror script? Something with a cheesier premise? I've got one dealing with ancient Aztecs on an island off the coast of Mexico using college kids on Spring Break as sacrifices to the gods. I saw a story about a ghost town in Argentina that used to be underwater but now that the lake's level has dropped is available to see, again. Couple of ghosts and some sightseers and there's another one.

Only now I'm spooked (pun not intended). If I get into those scripts, will the same thing happen? I've got so many other stories I want to focus on; I don't need more. Jeez.

I dunno...maybe I'm just not disciplined enough to make it go the way I want. Big surprise there.

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