Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, July 1, 2013

I'm having fun with Adam...

Posting in his voice on facebook, I found how he wants to tell his story. He's also revealing tidbits about his life that make me smile. This will be a different way to approach the writing of a novel. And screenplay, because I'm thinking of going back through "The Alice '65" and adjusting his speech patterns to match his manner of writing. I think I let him be too London and not enough Oxford.

I just joined up two major sections of "The Vanishing of Owen Taylor" and now have 365 solid pages (82,000+ words). I'm taking a 4-day weekend so maybe I can get through to the point where I can add in the finale...and start whittling that down. What I have is way too busy, and I think some of it can be shifted into earlier chapters, to better set things up.

Jake's ready to end it. He's getting tired of all the crap. But some of the meandering is beginning to show it's actually prepping for the explanation of what happened.

Damn...the more I look at this picture of Aidan Turner, the more I see Jake in him...or him Jake...from the tangled hair to the thick eyebrows to the constant 3-day growth of beard.

I'll be in NYC a week, now. Go down Monday, come back Friday. I hope my laptop keeps going okay. It's been doing some odd things that I initially thought were me screwing up as I typed. But lately if I rest my hands by the pad, the cursor will jump over to another part of the document I'm working on and throw everything off. And if it's only a small bit that I do and then shift to another part of the story to make a change, I don't notice. Then later, when I'm proofing, I find amazingly stupid mistakes...that I now think weren't errors on my part.

I'm also finding that some programs and websites have the word-guessing bit embedded in them, where if you forget to input a letter or don't hit the key hard enough to make it show up, the thing guesses a totally different word to use there...and freaks me out. I think the one that got to me most was when I tried to input "sense" and it came out "serene". I think I hit the "e" and "r" keys at the same time so it input both of them, but instead of leaving it a typo it made me think I was losing my mind. So now I have to check not just for my own typos but the word changes the damn thing foists on me.

Ah, computers, spawn of the devil.

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