Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Surprisingly, there was a movie showing at the Indie Gathering titled "Buffalo Boys" that was set in Buffalo. It was interesting...about how a couple of pot-head boys wind up committing a murder for hire and only one of them feels any guilt or remorse...but every step looked and felt amateurish. The acting was adequate, at, the actor who played one of the boys was pretty good, and the other one was good enough, as was his best friend. The rest had the flat voice of actors who think they're being great and mean and revealing, and aren't.

I did some networking. Actually made myself do it. Attended a couple of seminars on using social media to expose your work and one on screenwriting (that was all but hijacked by a jerk in the audience who wanted to argue with people on the panel about some site he felt would be usable, or something). The social media one was interesting, but the screenwriting one was the usual.

Met Saba, an actor/writer/director/producer from NYC who has a clip on his site showing he's actually quite good. And met Patrick Hampton, another actor/writer/everything guy who did a good job in a music-video-story project about a guy who decides he's Icarus.

And...I got something for one of my bosses who always wants some kind off off-beat memento from places I've been where she hasn't -- it's a signed photo of Joe Estevez, to her. This should be a hoot.

I worked on honing my pitches and loglines, today, in between shows. I also nibbled at the nastiest rack of barbecued ribs ever -- 50% fat and greasy; same for the fries. And since when is St. Louis style barbecue made with brown sugar? (That's how sweet the sauce was.) I'd have refused it but I was starving, so at least got a meal out of it...a light one. At least the cole slaw was okay. But I'm eating before I go in, tomorrow. There's a Chili's en route to the venue, where I can get decent ribs and good fries, if I want them.

I'm staying for the awards ceremony, tomorrow, then headed home. This has been an experience, to say the least.

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