Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

CK Jumps Ahead

I spent much of today coordinating what I had for Carli's Kills -- shifting from book to screenplay format and revisiting what I'd already written as a script. Turns out I've got the opening 32 pages pretty much set, and the final 22 pages done, with a few bits in between and one section of the book part that still needs to be translated into Final Draft.

I'd forgotten I bought a license to use this image for the book's cover. but it so fits the story, I may use it to work up a faux poster or post cards or something to get notice for the script. I still want to use Logan McCree's face somewhere...though I've been looking at Alex Minsky a lot. I wonder how he'd look with blond or sandy hair? Maybe red-headed?

I don't know if he's taking acting classes, is the thing. I've seen Logan act and he's good, but he's German and has that lilt to his pronunciations. Of course, Zeke's Nordic...and they're all on the Baltic Sea...and it'd be funny to suggest a bi-sexual porn actor as the heterosexual lead in a female empowerment movie.

I also finished Firefly, and I'm glad I watched it all. Gina Torres' Zoe would be a good role model for Carli. All business but hot for hubby...which I can see in a shlubby, geeky, blond-boy kind of way.

I think Carli and Zeke are ready for the story to play out, because they're giving me ideas on how to streamline it and add depth without extra pages. I'm going to try and keep the dialogue like what I wrote earlier -- very terse and secretive, yet revealing in what it doesn't say.

Tall order for a guy who loves his words.


Michael said...

If you haven't watched "Serenity" yet, you should. It's the closest thing to closure Firefly will probably ever have and it answers a lot (though not all) of the questions the series didn't have the chance to.

JamTheCat said...

I'll check it out...