Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fighting myself

Okay...I'm using my old script, Iron Cross, as the basis for another script now called Killer Tiger...and I find myself getting lost in making it as good as I can. Now normally that's not a bad idea. Logic works well, even in movies...usually. However, tossing MMA in with Vampires isn't exactly on the same level as Shakespeare, nor does it need to make much sense so long as it works within the frame of the story.

I have 22 pages done...but was aiming for 30 by the end of today. Problem is, I got lost in working out the logic of the piece. Why does this happen? Would that really work that way? What is the flow of the story? Nonsense things that really won't matter. It took me over an hour to stop trying to answer those questions and return to the idea that things happen because they happen and screw the flow.

Now I'm bouncing around the idea of changing the title to Wrecker, which is a nickname given to the main character, Derek Tighe. Initially, Killer Tiger was the play on his name...but Wrecker works so much better. Guess I just talked myself into it.

Plus I have an idea for a nice little horror piece using The Loft as its basic structure. That's another script I wrote for someone else, who then turned on me when he found god. According to him, because I'm queer I should be executed. So this is almost like a fuck you to him. Once it's done, it'll be completely different -- no demon or ouija board in it, no suicides -- and all the characters will be American and cute, even though it's post-apocalyptic.

I'm doing this because I want to see if I can write a script that will fucking sell. Doesn't have to be perfect or brilliant, just interesting enough to get someone to buy it and make it. I need to know this, because I need a new path in my life. I want the fuck out of the job I have, and I don't want to shift to another job like it just to keep making the bills; that's been my whole life up till now. I want a new direction. Period. This is the only one I can see as a possibility, right now, short of getting SSI early. So... least al this got my mind off Bugzters.

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