Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Slow build...

Well...I feel a lot better, today, so I added nearly a thousand words while going through Bugzters. Taylor is now into quoting Einstein, Tesla, and Aristotle when trying to explain herself...then gets lost in rants that Alex cannot understand.

I also increased the number of Bagh-star to 7 so I could have one more to play with -- a Ladybug's joined with the Praying Mantis, Dragonfly, and Butterfly, while Taylor's laptop and iPhone each carry one and the Bagh-star leader stays in Alex's computer. Lots of complications, there. Now, just as Alex and Taylor are trying to get away from the Beige Pair and their crew without being seen, one accidentally gets left behind, and Alex has to go back for it. Adds some suspense. I hope.

I should note -- I was also sidetracked by a story concerning Shia LaBeouf. He says that he was brutalized and sexually assaulted by a woman during his art installation, last February, but only just now acknowledged it. I don't know if the story's true or not; he's a troubled young man who's having a hard time keeping any sort of balance in his life.

But reality is, such things are possible and have happened...and that anyone still brushes claims of rape off, these days, appalls me. On top of that, the comments about it were so vile and disgusting -- mocking him, making fun of what happened, calling him a liar, a publicity hound, a loon -- I flipped and got into some FaceBook battles with the more obnoxious ones. Didn't help my mental or emotional state.

So that is all I've done in the last two days. I'm amazed I got anything completed, yesterday; I was still mashed up by the trip and it was hard to concentrate. I couldn't even take a nap, my brain was so weird.

Man, I never want to get sick on a 16 hour flight, again. From now on, I carry Contact, vitamin C, and crackers with cheese or peanut butter, and I will always have at least a jacket. I'd bring my own water, too, because airline water is cheap-assed...but I'm finding in foreign airports they do a last-minute security check and won't let you on the plane with a bottle of anything.

This is what I get for not making myself stay at the hotel in HK, on Saturday, and work on the story. If I do make it to 50K words, it'll probably be at 11:55 pm on Sunday night, the last day of the challenge.

And that's still a big If...

UPDATE: I just heard Piers Morgan barged into the Shia situation with more vile comments dismissing  the whole story. I'm close to deciding global warming isn't coming fast enough to kill off the human race.

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