Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Homeward bound...maybe...

There's a reason I avoid Burbank's Airport..and today it was working in spades. It's hard to get to from the freeway; if you don't want to hassle with the 5, you have to travel up Hollywood Way, which is a trip to get to off the 134, as it is. Then there are two false entrances before you get to the real one, and just try to get back onto the street going the correct direction if you take either of them. And the signage to keep you from making that mistake is confusing, at best.

Then you have to circle through the departing/arriving area with dozens of people and cars running around before you can circle back to the rental car area...which is half a mile from the airport and there is no shuttle; you walk it. If you've got two bags and a box (as I did) you have to go find a cart to use or muscle the things along the moveable walkways along an open pathway. And if your feet hurt? Tough.

At the terminal, if you do curbside checkin, you have to triple check the SW guys because they are SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, and they might just lose your iPhone and send one of your bags to the wrong place -- like one tried to do by sending my bag home and my box to Phoenix (my plane was going through Las Vegas, not there, and he could not explain why one tag was right and the other was wrong). My i-phone took a couple minutes to find; it was under a pile of someone else's crap. Another note: use printouts here.

I got through security well enough, but the airport is long and soulless, and has few options for food. Since I'm on the same plane all the way to Buffalo, a nearly 7 hour journey, I wanted a sandwich to eat en route because SW doesn't feed you. However, the ones they offer looked skanky, so I wound up with a salad that I'll have to hold carefully till I eat it. And now the plane is 20 minutes late. But the absolute worst is -- there's nothing but Pepsi, here, and that's really what it all boils down to.

No Dr. Pepper...and I hate Pepsi.

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