Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

I may have done something crazy...

Logistically speaking, OT needed some detail work. Having one character appear at the end was a bit too much so got rid of it. Changed another location to make the ending more believable and understandable. Cut the timeframe shorter because events taking place over the space of a year was counter-productive. And Jake does something that may or may not work...but fits his sense of honor.

I also got rid of some too-detailed explanation by blending it with some things Jake does after revealing who the killer is. I can't think of anything that's illogical in the story, now...but you never know. I felt good about it when I finished the last draft.

Tonight was ironing, so I watched some old B pictures from the 30's and 40's. First was a Bulldog Drummond that was a direct rip from Wilkie Collins' The Lady in White. And it was so stupid, I was slack-jawed. Ray Milland was an exuberant Captain Drummond investigating the case of a mysterious beauty, played by Heather Angel...and the bad guys are stealing her inheritance while keeping her locked up in a mansion. Took 60 minutes and lots of stupid activity to tell the story.

Then I watched Shock, with Vincent Price playing a psychiatrist who murders his wife and is seen by a young woman in another room. She goes into shock so he takes her to his sanitarium and tries to convince her she's crazy for thinking she saw what she saw. It was boooooooooring...and only 70 minutes long. They were 2 of 12 old mysteries on a DVD that cost $ I only felt cheated out of $4.99.

I then watched an NCIS set in Washington DC, with Ted Danson, Patricia Arquette, and James Van Der Beek...where they're tracking some boys who are being lured by a pedophile via a scavenger hunt. It's one of those shows where people work in an office that has minimal lighting and have equipment so high-tech and easy to use, they solve crimes in 38 minutes. This is why I don't watch TV, anymore.

Hell, it's why I don't watch movies, either -- I'm too busy picking them apart to just enjoy them...

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