Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Worked it through...I hope

I've got that section between Brendan and Colm in enough order to where I can now go past it. I think I'm trying to drag in too many references, still, even though I cut out several and did a fair amount of shifting about. But it's letting me move on to something that is close to blasphemous. I just hope this doesn't turn out to be too shocking.

I'm pretty much alone at work so there's a lot to do. A couple of jobs need to be priced up for quotes -- one from Ireland, one in LA, neither of which I will get to be a direct part of. It's like the fates are teasing me. The bitches. They've done this to me my whole life...led me close to what I want then snatched it away. Made sure I can never have some of the things I dreamed of.

I think that's why I like Russian novels so much -- they acknowledge that sometimes...hell, most times events are out of our control. This year's election for president is an example. If Hillary gets in, it means more of the same crap that lets bankers rip people off and gives billions in subsidies to oil companies and lets billionaires not pay a dime more in taxes than they absolutely must while I get ripped for more than 20% of my pathetic income, to name a few things I so disliked about Obama's terms. Even the ACA is not what I wanted (my ideal was single-payer)...but I can get Medicare a year from now so I guess I can handle the crap till then.

However, if Trump manages to get in...and that is too damned fucking possible,'s the end of America. We will be set back a hundred years, minimum. Social Security will be handed over to the scum who ripped off trillions from middle America. He'll pack the court with right wing fanatics and pass laws to help himself get rich as the country collapses around him. He's a non-stop failure as a businessman and human being, but there are still too damned many people who think he's the next coming of Jesus.

What can a guy like me do in that except try to ride it out? Hope his source of income remains long enough for him to get the hell out of debt and find another world to live in. Like Brendan does.

I think maybe this story's more autobiographical than I'd like to admit.

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