Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

And here's that damned brick wall...

I was doing so well. Working right along. I've probably got 50% of the book rewritten. Adding in fun little bits and BAM! Dead stop, today. Nothing. Not one word. Aside from Facebook-and-Twitter-following, I can't think of what the hell else I did to make the day vanish, aside from just sit at my laptop.

Of course, it started early. My car was driving weird, yesterday, so I took it into the shop and found out the parking brake's return spring had broken so it was rubbing against my wheel and my clutch was leaking so it was almost out of fluid -- costing me nearly $700. I was at the mechanic's 4.5 hours...and have to go back when I return from London to get the clutch finished since they had to order some parts.

BUT...the car runs a lot better, and I can cover the repairs with a credit's just, I want to pay the damn things down. I'm up to my nose in debt. Well, no such luck. Once again, the minute I start getting ahead, something comes along to screw me over. I should stop trying; maybe that way they'd pay themselves off.

On top of that, I worked out an itinerary on the Underground for what I want to check out for my stories, and won't be able to cover everything even if there is no more strike. Going from Swiss Cottage, where I'm staying, to Epping to Canary Wharf to Gallion Place to Kensington to Hounslow East to Hatton Cross to Tower Bridge...the journeys, alone, would take me till after dark. And I really wanted to take a river taxi along The Thames under the bridge.

I dunno...maybe I just didn't get enough sleep and have been pushing too hard, lately, to make the book readable and interesting and literate...this last bit being my main failing. My prose reads like it's straight out of High School, to me. At least I did get my copy of Simplicius Simplicissimus, today, and can dig into that once I've got my brain out of Weirdnessville.

And remind myself that this crap usually happens when something is wrong withing the story. So I need to go back through it and try to figure out what. Is it adding in the billionaire? That does take focus away from Adam, and I'm not sure how to keep the man in throughout; he doesn't actually need to reappear till the end. Maybe he should stay a shadowy figure.

Hmm...that felt right...

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