Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Fun few days...

I've been trying to avoid the news and commentary on what's going on is Washington, but not too successfully. At least I didn't watch that travesty of an inauguration. But I'm still pained by the events. Trump is already kicking the working class -- he signed an order reversing a discount on insurance for FHA Mortgages that will cost homebuyers $500 a year and set in motion the reversal of the ACA, through which I get my health insurance at a rate I can afford. I should have joined the march, today, since there was a small one in Buffalo, but I childishly talked myself out of it because my knee was hurting.

What a wimp. If there's another one, I'll wrap the damned knee and make myself go. Maybe even buy a friggin' cane.

Instead, I've focused as much as I could on working up a new cover for The Lyons' Den...and got nowhere. I zeroed in on a look I wanted that was kind of art deco and how to do it...but the test images I did looked amateurish. So I contacted a photographer who's done work for me in the past, to see if he's open to staging it with a model instead of me trying to draw it. I hope to hear back from him in a couple days.

Then I did some brainstorming with a friend of mine in LA and got a few very good ideas. Like a new tag -- Daniel thought he had the only key -- he was wrong. Then on the back a new logline -- A mystery writer gets trapped in a bribery scandal that leads to murder and love...all within two hours on a Friday night.

And this would be the synopsis on the back cover.

In this dark farce, Daniel desperately wants to get back together with his too-too perfect ex, Tad, so he reluctantly agrees to rewrite eight horrible scripts in time for Tad to pitch them as a new series for cable. If the network goes for it, he'll get a week in Bermuda to rebuild their relationship. If they don't, he'll lose the guy forever.

Only Tad wants to keep the rewrites super-hush-hush, so insists Daniel use his family's empty, isolated cabin in upstate New York to work. But as Daniel is being driven to it, a massive snowstorm blows in ... and despite being snowbound, that isolated cabin winds up the center of mystery, suspense, sex, betrayal, revenge, murder, fist-fights, shredded clothes, naked hostage-taking, a toga, frostbite, gunfire, predatory females, sneaky spying, an obnoxious caretaker, a hermit who hates everything except chipmunks, a hot shower with people who don't exist, a blazing fireplace, a bizarre shower curtain, off-key TV music, secrets heard in shadows, crooked politicians, romance with the proper stranger, truth-telling in the extreme, and enough paranoid-schizophrenia to fill a mental institution.

Using keys as the link.

I'm reminded of Notorious, that has a poster using a key with an image of Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman within its lines. My favorite Hitchcock film, bar none.

I may see about doing something with this.

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