Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Direction

After getting lost in the nothingness of San Antonio, Texas -- I'm here due to family matters and will be at least until January 2010 -- I'm shifting the direction of this blog. I'll still post photos every now and then from my travels, but I'm now using this blog to showcase the screenplays and plays I've written and remind myself of what I'm capable of.

Overall, I've completed 27 screenplays, sold 2, optioned 4, done 8 works for hire, and written, produced and directed several industrial and training videos. I've also written plays and viral videos, and am a published author of erotica. You can check out my profile at -- -- for a better idea of what I've done.

Now, I've won awards for my unproduced scripts from various competitions.

"The Cowboy King Of Texas" -- a romantic-comedy-western -- won Best Screenplay at the Houston International Film Festival.

"Straight On Till Morning" -- a bio-pic about the life of Beryl Markham that I did as a work for hire -- won the following year for Best Dramatic Adaptation from HIFF.

"Darian's Point" -- a gothic-horror script set in 1910 Ireland -- won Best Horror/Thriller Script from Worldfest Charleston.

"Return to Darian's Point" -- the sequel to "Darian's Point" and set in modern day Ireland -- is currently a Finalist in The Shriekfest Film Festival Screenplay Competition and a Quarterfinalist in the Writers On The Storm Screenplay Competition (I still hope to win both).

"Blood Angel" -- an erotic-horror-romance about a vampire and the young man she wants to seduce, which is set in Post-Katrina New Orleans -- placed Second in The Movie Deal!; Third in The Indie Gathering; was a Finalist in the Pacific Northwest Writer's Association Competition; a semi-finalist in The Austin Film Festival's Screenplay Competition, The Screenwriting Expo, The Cinestory Screenwriting Competition and the Blazing Quill Screenplay Competition; and was a Quarterfinalist in Scriptapalooza, Slamdance and Page International -- all in one year.

"Find Ray Tarkovsky" -- an action-comedy about an actor trying to find a killer in the witness protection program -- was a Semifinalist in Scriptapalooza, American Accolades, Screenwriter Dig and Write Movies.

"Wide New World" -- a drama set in modern Dublin -- came in Second at The Indie Gathering, Third at Worldfest Houston and was a Semifinalist in The Big Picture, all under its original title of "Still Life."

For more information or to read an excerpt of one of the scripts, go to -- -- for links to them.

I'm still writing and just completed two volumes of a novel titled "Bobby Carapisi" that's being considered for publication. If it makes it, I'll post about that here.

Next up is probably a novel set in Ireland...but more on that later.

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Kimberly Cummings (Kalousdian) said...

Good job Bell, looks like mine!...

Not really blogging much either but plan to. Hope you are well.

Miss you,