Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Late start today...

...And I am not in a happy mood. I got zero writing done, yesterday, because my mother just had to interrupt me every half hour or so to talk about something (and talk and talk) or "borrow me for 5 minutes" or try to figure out her prescriptions...and I could not focus. I finally decided to go to a Starbucks with my laptop to write, but she asked me to run a couple of errands for her...and being a wuss, I did that instead and wound up with no time left before picking my brother, Kelly, up and fixing dinner.

Then Kelly is nervous about his job. A new management company is taking over the complex he works at and they're deciding this week who they'll keep and who's out the door, so I helped him update his resume to show them what he's capable of.

And if all this sounds like whining, it's not. This kitty cat's mood is as follows --

And I think mom finally got the idea. Now that she'd taken her liver medicine, she's leaving me alone.

All in all, the most I got done on POS was the first work-up of a time-line for Brendan's life. Nothing specific, just events he might have been a part of in Derry and Houston -- offbeat things like a block party or a night at a dance hall and what band was playing and where Army blockades were on the Bogside's streets -- and I did some research into Houston, itself, to start prepping for that bit because he's interested in going there next, I think. I don't know. He's looking at me wary, again, as if I'm about to let these distractions take me away from the story. But I can't. I'm too invested in it now.

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