Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Decisions made

I refuse to continue my life like this -- jammed into a corner of an apartment in a city I dislike trying to take care of a dozen different people's needs to the detriment of my own. So...I'm finishing up the SB campaign as fast as I can, focusing on nothing else till it's done. I'm being paid for it, so it's necessary.

Then I'm finishing up the editing job I said I'd do, ASAP...if he needs any more done. I'd already cut his script down to 111 pages. Some explanation may be needed to let the audience know why this one woman is called to by these jungle people, but he hasn't like my ideas, so far, so it may be something he has to come up with.

Those two obligations will lighten my load and I'm not taking on another unless I get my full rate -- $360 per 8 hour day. No more cut-rates and absolutely no more freebies. Nor will I take on additional paid work for people I've already done work for unless I've received all payment in full.

I can't make a decision on my current employment status till I've met with the people in New York, because I would like to work with them and I think it would be good for me in both the long and short run. But if it's more of this "we'll call you when we need you" crap, I'm backing off. In LA I had clients where I could keep myself going with just occasional jobs from these guys. That's gone in SA. So...I've obligated myself to a couple of jobs and I'll complete those, then I'll find steady work. Even if it's in a fucking convenience store or HEB.

I don't want to live in San Antonio. My preference is to leave by the end of February, but if I'm doomed to stay, we'll have to move. I need my own space. Period. I'll know what to do by the 8th of January.

Once my other obligations are done, I'll focus on POS till a first draft is completed...and I do not care how long it winds up being. I'm too close to getting an idea of what the story is really about to give up on it now. I just hope Brendan will have a bit more patience with me...though I get the feeling that won't be a problem. He's still feeling about for where to lead me next. I think he's noticed another story is knocking on the back of my mind.

Now off to the storyboarding mines. I have a series of words to sketch out in this motion-graphics typography style that everyone thinks is so cool and modern but was being done by movie title companies 45 years ago.


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