Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Spent the whole morning making changes to my changes to my changes on the storyboards, but now everybody's happy and it's being shown to the CEO and hopefully they'll get a sign off so they can do the narration. Seems the only person whose voice they liked is unavailable after Tuesday so plans must be made. Ah, December. What would it be without chaos and insanity?

Had an interesting bit of serendipity slip into my work on POS. Throughout the section at Altnagelvin Hospital, I found myself calling the nurses "sisters." I didn't change it because it somehow felt right. Dunno why...unless I recalled it from some British film I'd seen or book I'd read. But once I was done, I checked into it -- and after about half a hour on Google and a belief growing within that maybe I was thinking of a Catholic hospital in England, I found a notation that senior nurses in the UK ARE referred to as sisters, and it has nothing to do with religious affiliation. In fact, my research lead me to a book titled "Sister Kate" about a senior nurse in Belfast who began working before and worked through the Troubles, until 1986. Bought it on Amazon. Good for cross-referencing detail work.

Brendan's back to casting about for what path to lead me down next. In a minute, I'm heading for the library to look through old issues of "Texas Monthly" to see if I find anything interesting in there. Right now, all three sections are equally filled in, and I almost think I'm near the 70% marker. Maybe 2/3.

We shall see what we shall see when we see what we shall see. I already repeating myself? My short-term memory seems non-existent, lately.

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