Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Is a rare commodity and should be treated like gold, not used as toilet paper -- like Bush-2 did and Obama's doing, and which seems to be something that's endemic to about half the Democrats in office and 99.5% of Republicans. And nobody really cares about anyone's abuse of it, not really.

Rick Perry is a Republican who ordered the execution of a man proven to be innocent of any crime, and he's still in office...and running for a third term.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's a Republican who helped the GOP ram through a quasi-legal coup of a democratically elected governor, and has since completely destroyed the state, and he's still in office.

Dick Cheney is a Republican who committed treason by exposing a covert CIA agent and he's being considered for the 2012 Presidential ticket.

And it's not just people in politics. I've been dissed on payment for services just a few times, but every one of those people have been Republicans. I was at the point where if I even suspected a person I was dealing with supported the GOP, I asked for half my money up front. That way I knew I'd at least get something. And if they said no, I knew they didn't have the money to pay me and would politely decline the job. In fact, I made that a practice for everyone I did business with unless I knew them well.

Unfortunately, I thought I knew this publisher I've been doing work for...but after dealing with him for a while, I discovered he was totally GOP. And he owed me nearly $8300. I stopped doing anything for him and pressed him for payment, and thus far I've gotten a grand total of $1700. And after today's conversation, it's looking more and more like that's all I'll see out of this. And I'm kicking myself for letting it get that far. And now I'm back to being grumpy.

Doesn't help that I'm now on Cipro for an internal infection and my health insurance is going up starting in January and I now have a grand total of $300 in the bank and will have to borrow money from my mother to make this month's bills and payment for the work I'm doing for the SB job will be delayed because of illness on their end.



Brad said...

Can't you take this publisher asshole to small claims court?

JamTheCat said...

Small claims court has a limit of $5k but at least I'd get that. I'm going to look into it. We did this on a handshake but I can show intent and past payments, so we'll see. Right now I'm dopey from the Cipro so need a clear head for it.