Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Buffalo and no snow...yet

But apparently 6" is on the way for Thursday or Friday via a Nor'easter. I found a really nice Motel 6 by the airport for under $40 a night, including WiFi, and tomorrow I'll get to looking for an apartment. Already got shot down once when I called about one I'd seen online while still in San Antonio. Oh well. I've got other options.

While driving I thought about Antony and his story and tried to understand what was missing from RIHC6v2, and 'round about Cincinnati I think I came up with the problem...and between Cleveland and Erie had an idea of how I could handle it. What's nice is, my three main guys like it, which surprised me. I'd always thought Jake was too cool to be seen agreeing with Matt, and he'd insist on it being shown he's only going along with Tone from love. Looks like I may have been dissing him without which he's just kicking back, looking cool and nodding in agreement, just to make me feel like a dork.

Or maybe a blond since my red hair is transitioning through that color en route to being white. Right now my head has the same color as the nose of a 10 year old Irish Setter.

Just for the record, my travels took me through --

Texarkana (I think, I was 5 miles into Arkansas before I realized it)
Little Rock
Bowling Green
and Erie

My car liked the roads in Kentucky and Ohio but the rest of the states need to make use of their stimulus funds and do some major repaving. Like NOW.

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