Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The end is near

I have maybe 2 1/2 chapters left to do in RIHC6v2 -- then comes a polish and repolish and re-repolish and then it'll be done. And I can get onto the third volume of "Bobby Carapisi" since I've actually been hounded a bit by the publisher on it. They've already assigned an ISBN (they thought I'd written it and was just rewriting when I submitted the first and second volumes back in September) even though I told them it wasn't ready.

This section should be fairly simple, though. It's Allen justifying his actions and Eric learning the truth behind what happened to him and Bobby...and accepting full responsibility for his part in what followed. I've already written about a third of the book, in parts -- that includes a tense face-to-face between Eric and Allen (obligatory to the max in this type of book) -- and have the rest of it plotted out...but we've seen how well THAT works. At least it's a road map that will provide me with direction when I take my little side roads and short-cuts and scenic drives.

After that, I'm adapting a script into book form -- "Coby O' and the Pink Palace of Texas" -- and will try to be as light and fun with it as I can be. It'll still have its subversive elements and some solid erotica, but hopefully nothing like RIHC6 got to be. In fact, I may tell it all in third person, just to work my skills on that venue. First person has proven to be an easier style to use -- for the most part. After all, POS is being told in first person and I'm as shaky as hell about it.

Man, I do NOT like things to be easy, do I?

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