Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hit my 50+

And I'm about to put them into a Powerpoint file to send to Kasey to see if this will work. Some of it I'm not 100% on, yet, but I think I'm close. We'll see.

I didn't have dinner, last night, since I'd eaten a fair amount at that party...and actually felt a bit ill from it. I wonder if the hostess used chicken broth in her rice or queso? I'm allergic to chicken and even a little can cause me trouble. There was one occasion in San Francisco, when I was working the California Book Fair, where I went to a Whole Foods and had a bowl of their potato leek soup, thinking it was veggie. After I was done, I heard someone ask the chef if the soup had a veggie or chicken base -- and he didn't know, but he thought it could be chicken since it wasn't listed as vegetarian. Sure enough, a couple hours later I was in the bathroom. Taught me to question all soups -- and damned if 90% aren't made with a chicken broth base. So if they don't SAY they're veggie or vegan, they ain't. What a thing to learn at my age.

Anyway, since I only drank tea and had toast, I felt better so worked on RIHC6v2 and am now up to 105 pages. About halfway through the story and at the point where Antony's suspecting that a man he hates is being set up to take a fall for a criminal organization, that he's meant to be the instrument of that man's destruction and that maybe...maybe Jake is helping them, exploding the conflict Antony's already feeling inside concerning his own actions. It's a dark book, to put it mildly, because everyone in it is forced to deal with their own animal nature and instinct for self-preservation and how that can lead you to do things that you would not normally do. Another of my "immoral morality tales."

Man, I'm getting away with shit in this book that I could NEVER get away with on film.

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