Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, February 22, 2010

We do not like Motel 6

They used to be a great little chain of motels with a nice cheap room everywhere across the country. Well...I'm currently ensconced in one in Little Rock, Arkansas after deciding against one in Arkedelphia, Arkansas because it was hiding behind several other motels and looked pretty creepy. This one has a nice entrance and pleasant landscaping, but they promised free WiFi and turned out it'd been wrecked by a tenant. And it turned out someone was fixing their car in the parking lot. And the clerk locks herself in the office after a certain time. And people run up and down the halls and slam doors and it's almost 1am. And I'd have left but I didn't find out any of this till I'd already paid for my room and had my things set up in it. I'm now nervous my car might get broken into. All it has is clothes and books and paperwork I needed to bring -- for POS and taxes and such -- and my Mac Mini, which is old but I've backed up everything on it...but it'd still hurt to lose any of that. I'm parked directly in front of the office so that should make things all right, but I'll be very leery of Motel 6 and if things ain't perfect at the next one I stop at -- I'm aiming for Bowling Green or Louisville, Kentucky, depending -- I'm dropping them.

I got more done on RIHC6v2 so now have more than 200 pages of story. Nothing fresh, today; just clarification and a polish of what I've already done. I worked on it thinking I had no WiFi then finished and shut Word down -- and there was the airport signal showing full and ready. So be it.

The drive was nice until I got to Arkansas. Texas roads are bad; theirs are hideous. My car is NOT liking them, at all. I'm not surprised; Republicans hate to spend money except in tax cuts for the rich and wars without end - but you'd think repaving the highways would be good for everyone concerned. Guess not.

My mother and youngest brother are now on their own and dependent upon my sister and my middle brother for things like grocery shopping and trips to Home Depot and such. Here's hoping it works out.

Still doors slamming. Shit.

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