Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Back in the B-U-Fa-Lo

Totally misspelled but it sounds right for the Beatles' song.

I met with a fellow author (Michael Gleich) for brunch, today, and felt so VERY LA. He rode his bike over to Santa Monica from Encino! The man's crazy...and so were his two friends, Caryl and Juan. I know how LA traffic is, even on a Saturday morning -- especially along the 405. Madness. MADNESS!

Good old Southwest was late leaving LA but I was told it didn't matter because my connection in Las Vegas was running late, too. They lied. So did the "departures" monitor, telling me I had an hour to wait. So I got my shoes shined and played some slot machines and opened my laptop to check my e-mails...and suddenly my name's being called to the plane. The bastards left on time! I was the last person on the flight and got to sit between an old woman and a guy who looked like a Latin Boxer because every other seat was taken. NOT the most comfortable flight of my life.

I used to really like Southwest because their service was fast and pleasant, but now they're just like any other airline, and not always the cheapest way to go. Or most convenient. So I guess I'll be using Travelocity and Expedia from now on.

Still...I got home a bit early...if you can call Buffalo home...and got some reading done for POS. It's a rather dry book about local peace movement groups in N. Ireland and how they affected the sectarian violence and divide in that country. It's got some fascinating facts...but it's SO much like a text book I find it putting me to sleep.

Which isn't hard to do, now. It's nearly 1am.

BTW -- I was turned on to this guy by another blogger. His name's Sufjan Stevens and he has a gentle, inviting manner and voice he uses to sing some very tender songs.

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