Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cat duty

I'm about to run over to the office and feed and brush the two little Himalayans that run the office. Since it's on the first floor of an old three story home (my bosses live on the second and third floors) the cats have free roam of the place and are used to people usually being around. But they're out of town till Monday, so I'll be there an hour both today and tomorrow, then I'll do LOTS of washing. My allergies aren't so bad with them, even after I brush one as she lies on my desk, but I seriously do trail fur home like Pigpen's cloud of dirt in the "Peanuts" comics.

I've edited half of RIHC6v2's proof copy and found 6 more typos (I need to hire an editor, not just rely on people I know). And I'm beginning to wonder if I made the whole story too damned complex. That or the style I wrote it in. I mean, I can follow it, but Antony jumps around a lot...and while that works for his mental state I wonder if it'll come across to the casual reader? I may have gotten a bit too ambitious, here. Let's see how I feel at the end of it; I may be just working myself into an "own worst critic" snit.

It's interesting to compare Antony's sharp, twisting, almost confused style of telling his story with Brendan's casual, straight-forward manner. There's one small section -- where he's seeing Eamonn off to Belfast to join the People's Democracy march -- that he jumps around, and it's never felt quite right. Now I have an idea why; it's not the way he'd tell the story (and thinking about it, that's when I was bouncing between three different books I wanted to write and I think I got my voices mixed up) so I'll be changing that.

Ah...voices in my head. Just like "Sybil." I wonder if Sally Field could play me, as a drag king?

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