Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Catch up day

Lots of stuff to do and paperwork to clean up so nothing much else is on the agenda. Maybe tonight I'll get back to sifting through my printout of POS to see what I've got and what I need, but I'm also remembering I've written more than what I have in this hard copy so probably should search that out, first. Those bits may change the direction of events, slightly.

Man...I am so NOT organized. For all the backup disks I've burned and USB drives I have with all my past work on them, I got nothing consolidated into one place; everything is everywhere. New versions of scripts are on one disk while old versions are on another...except when they aren't or are vise verse. Sections of stories wind up spread over three USB drives...I think. I should take a few days -- hell, a few weeks, it seems like -- and sort everything out so I know what I have and haven't done, what I do and do not have in Word and Final Draft and Photoshop and PDFs and such.

Like with POS, I know I wrote a bit where Brendan and a girl he likes, Joanna, catch a ride to Dublin and spend the day and begin to think it would be a good place to live instead staying in the growing horror of "The Troubles." But it's not on my USB drive, and it's not on my laptop, even though I was using my laptop at the time to write POS. There's also a bit where Brendan sneaks through the checkpoints to get to the Waterside to make an appointment at a park overlooking Lough Foyle that I wrote that I can't find. Irritating. I guess I need a jump drive just for POS now, since CD-Rs won't let me add rewrites to them.

Something more to join the list of what to do to procrastinate in my writing.

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