Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ever get the feeling you're just plain stupid?

I've had it hit me a lot in the last two days. Both with work and while going over POS.

With work, it was dumb things like not verifying a count on some trunks of books going to London. Some had to go to this location and other to that location, and my initial count was off from what I was told to expect by the book store. They wound up mingled on two different skids, so I should have just pulled them down and rebuilt the skids, but I only did another count and came out the same so figured I was right and they were wrong and they insist they weren't so now we won't know till everything lands in Lodnon, and of course it now turns out the "that location" group have to be delivered earlier than the "this location" group and having a perfect count and them separated before would have helped and actually made sense...and I feel dumbassed for not doing it.

Then today I got things back-assed-wards on some things I needed to do and I finally began to wonder if my dyslexia is taking over my cognitive abilities. I've often wondered if I should have mnyself tested for that. I seem prone to doing more than just reversing numbers a nd letters; sometimes I actually leave words out or use the wrong one. Of course, it could just be psychosis.

What REALLY makes me think I've lost it is, as I was going through POS I found a major logical flaw in the last section...and may have to toss out a third of what I have written and rework the story's ending completely. It's absurd. But I was playing with Brendan sneaking back into Northern Ireland...and the truth is, word would get around so fast that he's back, the RUC and Brits would have him interned in nothing flat. He's connected to a bombing that killed some people. So he can't pretend he's anybody else; he's got former friends who are Protestant and would let the RUC know, given the situation. Shit.

This is one flaw in not writing a book straight through -- you come up with fun ideas that conflict with other fun ideas and drive you crazy because you want to keep them all.

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