Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Sometimes working with my characters is like doing a slow dance to midnight movie music. The kind that's just a bit overwrought ("Rocky Horror Picture Show" comes to mind) and insistent, so that what you're experiencing is movement counterpoint to the rhythm. I really got a sense of it, last night, when Pavel showed up in Eric's tale and totally turned his world upside down...and not in the way you think.

What this has done is show me the reason for the third book, not just as regards Eric but also Allen. It's the book of revelation for them both -- Eric because of his encounters with Pavel and Bobby's mother, Allen because of his final encounter with Eric. Now the ending seems inevitable, all I have to do is map out the travel plan and follow it.

I've been following a blog called "American Flyer" written by a guy who also wrote a pretty intense book of gay erotica titled "Sarge and the Sailor Boy." The guy's a great writer (tho' you should only read his book if you're into graphic gay sex) and his observations about some "Jewish Jihad Party Boys and their Mean Queen," who live next door to him, are hysterical. Much more lively than my blog, and he is NOT politically correct, to say the least.

I also follow "Salmagundi," which has a lot about books out and available...and is occasionally NSFW. But its blog-boy is intelligent and sometimes has very off-beat comments about things.

Okay, enough of this; time for back to work.


Penman said...

These friends of mine, who consider themselves very accepting of queers, wanted a copy for a gay friend of theirs. I warned them that this is not the type of book you want to have on you if you should have a towel in one hand and Sarge and Sailor Boy in the other. Especially if dead.

His wife read some of it, a psychologist and commented that it had some intense sexual scenes. Glademer is going to read it now. I told him if he got beyond page two I would consider it more than just a passing interest.

JamTheCat said...

None of my straight friends have read my books, though one guy I know, to whom I'd give a copy of "...Straight Guy", tossed it in his trunk intending to take it out and forgot to. He was stopped by the cops and they searched his car (he hasn't told me why, yet) and they saw HTRASG and freaked out. He almost got arrested. Of course, he's an actor so he might have been dramatizing a bit...but I think it's funny. Apparently the cops thought it was a manual and not a novel. Idiots.